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Last year, the healthcare team at PMP’s legal defence firm Clyde & Co successfully defended all of its trials.

Clyde & Co, who act on behalf of PMP policyholders in the event of claims, are justifiably proud of their track record defending medical professionals. During 2017, the healthcare team at Clyde & Co successfully defended all of the trials in which it was involved..

This year has also begun well for Clyde & Co. So far, the healthcare team has already had one successful trial and also been successful in an appeal from an earlier judgement.

Sam Holden, legal director at Clyde & Co, emphasised the importance of record-keeping in these recent trial successes: “The take-away message is to reiterate the need for clear contemporaneous notes and, where a claim comes in, a good statement focussing on the issues in dispute.”

We’ll look at record-keeping in a future edition of the PMP Post. In the meantime, to find out more about the Clyde & Co healthcare team, visit or read the profile of Claire Petts, one of the Clyde & Co lawyers who works with PMP, in this edition of PMP Post.


[Source for stats – info provided by Sam Holden, Clyde & Co]

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