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Medical Indemnity Made Easy

Medical indemnity is essential for all physicians and surgeons practising in the UK. Whilst you are an expert in your own field, you may not feel as comfortable when it comes to arranging medical indemnity cover. We recognise the complexity of this decision and have produced a short video which might help. ‘Medical Indemnity Made Easy’ highlights some key points for you to consider when choosing an indemnity provider.

Responsible for customer communications at PMP, Lesley Laird explains what the market has to offer clinicians, and why it is important that you fully understand what you can expect from your provider. Indemnity is often the largest annual outlay a private practice physician or surgeon will make. So, it’s vital that you get the very best value for money possible.

Every PMP policy offers you:

  • A contract of insurance, not discretionary membership.
  • A financially robust1 underwriter, Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd.
  • Consent to settle; which means we won’t settle a claim without your written approval.
  • Legal support from award-winning2 lawyers, Clyde & Co.

We hope you find ‘Medical Indemnity Made Easy’ informative. Get an idea of what your premium might be with us here or, call us today on 0345163 0053 and speak to one of our medicolegal experts.

1. Rated AA+ (S&P, September 2020).
2. Read about the latest awards achieved by Clyde and Co on their website

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Medical Indemnity Made Easy

Webinar presented by Lesley Laird

Webinar length 9:44

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