Frequently asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions that need to be answered before deciding which provider best covers your assets and reputation. Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

Why do I need medical indemnity insurance?

You work hard to deliver the best possible healthcare to all your patients, and we know that you regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the extra level of service they need. We appreciate your passion for clinical excellence. However, despite constant vigilance and meticulousness, sometimes things can go wrong – putting your career and reputation in jeopardy.

For these reasons, it is imperative that you have medical indemnity insurance to protect you and your livelihood. It is a legal requirement when practising medicine in the UK, but more than that, it is a way of protecting everything you have worked so hard for throughout your career.

Why PMP?

We are well-established in providing medical indemnity insurance, recognised by the GMC and all hospital groups. Whatever insurance policy you’re looking for, you need expert counsel, as well as fair and transparent terms and conditions. With access to one of the most financially secure insurers, we are proud to deliver on all counts.

We never underestimate how much the strain of having your professionalism called into question affects you. Our defence experts are only a phone call away whenever you need help or advice. In fact, we offer a 24-hour Medico-Legal helpline that is operated by legal defence experts – All you have to do is describe the events, pass on any correspondence and we will take it from there.

We are available to provide the help and support you need to ensure you have the right protection. We recognise that everyone and every situation is unique, so we strive to provide substantial, bespoke protection just for you. If required, a member of our team will come out to meet you in person to discuss your individual case and listen to what you need.

We see this as just the start of your journey. Your trust in us is reciprocated with our investment in you. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, which we aim to continually deliver throughout each stage of your professional journey, adapting and developing with you through your chosen career path. We have a discount structure in place that rewards good practice and enables future premium reductions if an insured has no claims and all other circumstances remain unchanged. In short, you can depend on us, and our aim is to endorse that by listening to and acting on behalf of your individual needs.

What does PMP cover?

Our highly experienced legal teams are well-equipped to deal with every conceivable litigation situation in the medical healthcare setting, including:

Medical or clinical negligence – Should a patient complaint be logged that questions your fitness to practise, our lawyers can act on your behalf to ensure a fair process. We will also cover any compensation that is awarded to the patient(s) if that is the outcome.

Employment issues – It can be daunting to stay current with EU regulations and government proposals regarding matters such as managing staff sickness, national minimum wage rates and the new living wage rates. Additionally, should employment grievances occur in areas such as absence, maternity, discrimination and conflict, we have the extensive experience you need. Legal reform in these areas is ever-evolving, but our qualified team has your best interests at heart.

NHS hearings – As mentioned, the standard indemnity cover provided by the NHS will not include advice and representation for regulatory council inquiries arising from health, performance or professional conduct issues. This is where PMP can provide the extra protection and support you need should you face an NHS hearing.

GMC enquiries – The cover offered by the NHS also doesn’t cover situations where you are involved in a GMC matter. In the worst-case scenario, the GMC has the power to restrict or suspend your practice, so it’s important to have the assistance you need to ensure a fair and efficient case presentation.

If I offer medical care though the NHS, am I automatically covered?

Any doctor or surgeon operating in the National Health Service (NHS), a Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust, private practice, hospital or specialist centre can at some point find themselves needing legal representation. For those working solely within the NHS, HSC Trust, health board or in local government, your indemnity will be covered by the organisation through which you are employed. Should any of your work fall outside these boundaries, however, you will need to arrange appropriate personal cover.

Also, if indemnity is covered by the organisation, it is still worth checking whether or not medico-legal assistance is included, since personal advice, legal representation and support channels are not always incorporated.