Medical Indemnity that works for you

Rhidian Morgan Jones - PMP Policyholder

“Premium Medical Protection is a professional organisation that gives individual client care. They take the stress out of stressful situations and give reassuring advice at all times. I’m so glad I moved over to them over 7 years ago and have no intention of changing.”

Rhidian Morgan Jones – Orthopaedic Consultant

Kevin O'Neill - PMP Policyholder

I have to say I’ve been extraordinarily impressed with the level of service from PMP. I recently had to renew and change the nature of my indemnity to include run off cover and a new policy going forward. This in itself is quite a complex process and PMP made this incredibly simple taking me through this step by step over the telephone and then verifying the documentation online and even going to the extent of coming to my place of work to finalise the documents. All of this and incredibly competitive rate and tailor-made to my needs. I cannot express my gratitude and how impressed I am with the service. Congratulations to PMP going forward, particular thanks to Lesley Laird who held my hand through this process.”

Kevin O’Neill – Consultant Neurosurgeon

James Cordell-Smith - PMP Policyholder

James Cordell-Smith – Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon