Avoiding Burnout Enhancing Resilience

Avoiding Burnout, Enhancing Resilience


by Dr Suzy Jordache

Dr Jordache introduces the first in the series of three webinars for PMP customers on Avoiding Burnout, Enhancing Resilience. Module one explores a number of theories around physician burnout.


1. To explore the definition, prevalence and impact of burnout in doctors.

2. To acknowledge and explore the importance of context and personal ideals noted across the medical profession as risk factors for burnout.

Learning outcomes

To understand burnout as a well recognised occupational phenomenon with a solid evidence base, as well as introducing you to research findings from which you can adopt or enhance your own resilience strategies.

Webinar length 15.39

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In this, the second module of Avoiding Burnout, Enhancing Resilience, Dr Jordache focuses attention on the role organisations can play in mitigating physician burnout. 


1. To explore the link between organisational strategies and physician burnout.

2. To offer ideas and practical solutions to improve practice efficiency and culture of wellness.

Learning outcomes

To understand the importance of working at a unit level to improve practice efficiency, promote a culture of wellness and generate ideas and practical solutions to put in place at the unit level to actively reduce burnout in clinicians.

Webinar length 14.53

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The third and final module in Dr Jordache’s webinar series explores the role you can play in protecting, maintaining and bolstering your resilience against burnout.


1. To challenge deeply ingrained habits and beliefs that lead to risky behaviours and burnout.

2. To consider three key personal strategies: to recognise human fallibility, ensure safer workloads and guard against loss of meaning, purpose and passion at work.

Learning outcomes

To gain confidence, courage and strategies to make necessary changes in the face of current imperfect systems to protect yourself against burnout.

Webinar length 16.05

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