Switching from a Medical Defence Organisation

A move to PMP gives you enhanced security and a policy tailored to meet your specific practice requirements.

Start your journey of change, take the following steps:

Contact Your Area Sales Manager

Reach out to your dedicated Area Sales Manager, a knowledgeable professional ready to guide and support you through every aspect of your move.

In-Depth Consultation

Engage in a thorough discussion with your Area Sales Manager to explore the choices available to you. They will provide comprehensive insights into the policies and options that best align with your professional needs.

Effortless Application

Streamline the move by completing the online application form, or get the support of your Area Sales Manager. Our application process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free.

Acceptance of Quote

Upon careful consideration and discussion, once you are satisfied with your chosen policy, you can proceed by accepting the quoted terms. This simple step signifies your commitment to our comprehensive coverage, ensuring the security of your practice and your peace of mind.

With PMP, you can make this move confidently, knowing you have a committed partner dedicated to safeguarding your professional journey. Our tailored indemnity solutions are designed to empower you, offering choice, and the guarantee of comprehensive contractual protection.


Affordable premiums personalised to reflect your practice

At PMP, we make sure you get the most value for your premium, with accurate pricing that’s tailored to reflect your practice and your professional circumstances. And with AA+ rated underwriters, our competitively priced policies are backed by recognised financial strength.


Coverage that’s easy to understand, backed by fast and supportive service

PMP policies are worded in Plain English, so you know exactly what you’re buying. When you’re ready to talk to us, expert PMP staff respond quickly so you can be covered when you need to be. Your questions will be answered by an individual expert who will guide you through the indemnity journey.


Strong team of underwriters and lawyers to protect your reputation

When you buy a PMP indemnity policy, you’re engaging the support of first-class professionals. Our lawyers have decades of experience in healthcare and are available 24/7 on our medicolegal helpline. Our insurers are healthcare experts, and our policies are underwritten by AA+ rated underwriters Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd, trading as MedPro.